9 Reasons Some Realtors Always Have Listings

As a realtor, do you want to never run out of listings?

I’m no psychic but I bet you answered “yes”, right?

You’re not alone. There are currently hundreds, if not thousands, of realtors out there trying to get more listings as you’re reading this sentence. 

The problem is that a lot of realtors struggle to get listings most of the time. This can be due to several factors like the current season, fluctuations in the market, or simply the lack of experience. 

This is especially true during this COVID-19 pandemic where many American homeowners are holding off on selling their properties[1].  

This Is How Some Realtors Always Have Listings

So, you want to always have listings as a realtor. While every realtor can’t have listings all of the time, some just seem to never run out. Learning how these outliers do this may help you do the same — eventually. 

1. Know Your Niche

Find your niche market and stick to it. 

When you started, you may have tried to get what listings you can which slowly turned you into a jack of all trades. While you may think this is the way to go if you want more listings, it may have the opposite effect. 

People tend to prefer expertise rather than size or brand name. This is why we prefer specialists in their field rather than general practitioners. 

Choosing a niche market lets you master that niche to cater to a specific audience. Make sure to let people know who you are and exactly what you do.  

2. Keep to Your Strengths 

Find which part of being a real estate professional you’re good at and build on that. 

Don’t play into your clients’ or customers’ expectations. Don’t be one of those agents who over-promise then under deliver. Tell them what you can and can’t do upfront. 

Rely on your expertise and preparation rather than luck. This is only possible once you’ve identified your strengths. 

Whether it’s cold calling, customer service, marketing, or anything else, focus on it. This will help you forge stable relationships with your clients and gain more future referrals. 

3. Make an Impression

Show your prospective clients and customers that you know what you’re doing and that they can trust you.

Realtors are expected to be experts in their field as well as not keep or exaggerate pertinent information. To uphold these expectations, you need to have as much product knowledge as you can. 

Learn everything there is to know about the area like the price per square foot and what other properties are selling for. This may be hard work but it will all work to your benefit once you’re in a listing appointment. 

You only get a few minutes to make a good impression on a homeowner so don’t hold anything back. Show them what makes you stand out from the rest and why you’re the one who can sell their property.  

4. Find More Ways to Connect

Find all the ways people can reach you and once you’re done, try and find more. 

Networking is crucial when it comes to getting more listings and you should always be looking to expand your current network. Matter of fact, 39% of sellers used referrals from family and friends to find their agents[2].

This is why making friends with local professionals like painters, landscapers, and handymen can help you grow your listings. On the same note, don’t forget to let your friends and family know what you’re doing and that you’re always looking for more listings. You should also connect with listing agents so they know where to send their out-of-market listings. 

Making these connections is made easy in today’s world of social media and email. Sign up to popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Build a blog where you can share your expertise and send newsletters to subscribers. The more ways people can connect to you, the better your chances of getting referrals.

5. Look to the Past

On the topic of referrals, keep your past clients’ contacts and remain in touch — even with those from a decade ago. 

27% of sellers choose agents they’ve worked with before[3].

This means that once you help someone sell their property, there’s a chance they might go to you a second or even a third time. 

Check-in from time to time and show your past clients that you remember them and that you care about their buying or selling experience. 

This is where having a newsletter comes in handy. You can send past clients tips on when and how to sell their home through your newsletter. 

You can even ask them if they know somebody who’s planning to sell their property. 

These are just examples. You may come up with more ways to keep in touch with your past clients. 

6. Spot Off-market or Pocket Listings

Look for off-market listings from other real estate agents. 

Some sellers prefer to go off-market if they are still testing the waters, want to keep things private, avoid commissions, or keep things more exclusive. 

This is why it’s important to network with builders and contractors as well as other real estate agents. You never know with whom you’ll be making a deal. Brokerage firms usually provide their agents with upcoming listings a few weeks in advance.  

There are other ways to get off-market listings like direct mail marketing, checking public records, or checking online.  

7. Improve Efficiency

You may be the most talented real estate agent in the world but no amount of talent can help if you’re inefficient. 

You may be surprised how simply improving your work efficiency can add up to more listings. I say “add up” because improving efficiency involves several small factors. Don’t expect to change all of these factors at once. 

Time blocking is one of the easiest ways. Through this, you prioritize the most important work that needs to be done each day. Doing this lets you focus your efforts on a single aspect of your business and lets you keep track of each one. 

8. Challenge Yourself

Once you’ve started improving your efficiency, try to challenge yourself. 

Try and get more listings each day. Pace yourself and slowly improve by monitoring what factors you need to become more efficient. 

You can start by trying to get one listing per day within a specific period. You can even make it more interesting by including your colleagues. 

9. Never Settle

A rolling stone gathers no moss. 

Never be satisfied with what you already have or know. There’s always something new developing in the real estate agency business and it’s your job to find out. 

If you feel like things aren’t looking up, have faith in your efforts, and don’t give up. A lot of people stop digging just before they strike gold. 

Continue to invest in yourself and your brand.